Hulhumale an artificial island in Maldives!

Hulhumale Island is located in the south of the North Male Atoll, an artificial island, many buildings are being built, just like any island in Maldives is under construction.

Hulhumale Island is close to the airport just 10 minutes away and close to the Male capital, only that Hulhumale is much quieter than the capital.

I choosed to stay on the island because I had a flight in the morning, and the hotel I stayed included the return transfer from the airport as well as the breakfast, which was in the city center of the island only a few minutes walk from the beach.

The island does not offer you many things to do, the beach is long but instead I have not seen tourists bathe, just several locals sit under a tree and relax, you do not feel at home among women who are dressed in black top to bottom.

Choose the island only for a few hours or a night.

When I went on a google search to see what the island looks like, it sure looked so exotic, but almost all the local islands are dirty, when you read about Maldives they all describe it so beautiful, you better not expect too much, bevause many times we are disappointed when we reach the destination.

It is very good to document beforehand, that we had surprises at the hotel, that they did not look the same as in the pictures, sometimes you pay for something that is not worth the money.

It’s just my opinion, I’m not saying I didn’t like it, it’s beautiful, I discovered many beautiful things, but it is too expensive and over appreciated for what it offers. I am not talking about the private islands here, I have nothing to reproach, everything is even exotic,and everything is so beautiful and very well set up on private islands.

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