Manuc Bei Mansion. Republic of Moldova.

Manuc Bei.

I have decided to write about the beautiful places in my native country the Republic of Moldova!

Manuc Bei Mansion is located in Hincesti City at a distance of 36 km from Chisinau Capital, tours are guided in Romanian, Russian, and English, and lasts for 30 minutes, the ticket costs only 50 lei per person, and the mansion is recently renovated.

Discover this historical architectural complex Manuc Bei, you can visit the Museum of History and Ethnography, the Main Palace, an underground tunnel, the Hunting Castle, they also have a store with alcoholic beverages, from where you can buy a bottle of sparkling wine or a wine prepared by Hîncești Winery.

The mansion is an architectural monument, registered in the Register of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Moldova.

At the end of the Turkish-Russian war of 1806-1812, Manuc Bei left Bucharest, moved to Sibiu, and in 1815, he came with his Family to Chisinau, in the Tsarist Bessarabia and bought the estate.

Manuc Bei Mirzoian of Armenian origin died shortly after the purchase of the estate in 1817, son Murat who initiated the construction and nephew Grigore who completed the respective works.

Manuc decided to sell the estate at the end of 1816, but he died before he could sell this estate on June 20, 1816 and was buried on the porch of the Armenian church in Chisinau.

The stone walls of the mansion were destroyed in the late 1950s by the 1986 earthquake that was fatal to the secondary villa, and after this earthquake, the buildings were declared in a state of degradation.

A new building was built for the students of the college, and the manor began to deteriorate, the Vînătoresc Castle was preserved and an ethnographic museum was opened inside.

In 1993 the manor received the status of architectural monument.

In 2012, the restoration of the mansion began, the complex being in a state of degradation.

And that day will come when things will return to normal, it is a worse time for the whole earth, the Covid-19 virus has brought us to a world where we did not think we would arrive, almost everyone is isolated at home.

We do not know where it will take us, when everything will end, when will we be free again, and how many of us will go on? some of us will leave you forever, hope is the only salvation now!

Patience, let us be more united in appreciating our loved ones, the day will come when we will laugh at happiness and everything will be behind, but we will never forget!

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